Buyer's CashBack


You can get up to 40% of the realtor's commission.

How it works ?           

The amount of cashback* you will receive is based upon how many homes you view.

Showings           CashBack
    1-5                     40%

    5-10                   30%           

    10+                    20%

Its that simple. If you buy with me you get a cashback* no matter what.

*Conditions and limitations

 1. Cashback will only be applied on the resale properties and not on pre-construction.

 2. Buyer can not be in contract with any other agent or brokerage.

 3. Cashback will be paid within 25 buisness days from deal closing.

 4. Cashback is calculated on property purchase times (x) commission percentage (%) offered by seller times (x) cashback rebate percentage (%).

 5. Cashback will be disclosed to all the parties in the transaction.

 6. Cashback will be paid only to name(s) registered on agreement of purchase and sale.

 Not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale or individuals currently under contract with a Brokerage.